Complete Guide About Chunkbase Review – 10 Alternatives Of Chunkbase

The website Chunkbase offers several tools for finding spawn places, buildings, biomes, and other things. It generates a map of the entire earth and displays a variety of coordinates. Chunkbase can be considered a third-party “utility” for the game of Minecraft.

Any seed that the player plants will allow them to find specific biomes or constructions. Errors are automatically minimized when players select a game version. All Minecraft editions, including Java Edition 1.7 and Bedrock Edition 1.14, are supported with Chunk-base.

The precise locations of structures and biomes are used to provide a variety of alternatives for exploring and finding them. The top-left corner of the seed map has a compass that the players can use to obtain a general notion of where the spawn is.

Features Of Chunk Base

  • Find the biomes and the structures.
  • Find the seeds for Minecraft.
  • View a variety of maps
  • Multiple tools

How To Use Chunkbase

You must be interested in learning how to utilize Chunkbase after travelling the world. Fortunately, we have you covered with the following instructions on using Chunkbase:

  1. Please visit the Chunkbase website.
  2. You can use whatever tool you like. For instance, a settlement locator, a slime chunk finder, or a seed map.
  3. Enter the seed.
  4. Select the Bedrock Edition link, then.
  5. Choosing the dimension

How To Use Chunkbase To Find Different Biomes In Minecraft

Players must follow the steps listed below to locate a certain biome on the chunk base official site:

  • Choosing the “apps” tab
  • Under the tab, look for and choose the “seed map” option.
  • On the seed map, enter the seed for the chosen globe.
  • Next, select the world type and version of the globe.
  • Select which dimension will be looked at to identify the biome.
  • The seed map now will generate a map of the selected seed that includes a compass that points to where the world spawns.
  • Click the “highlight biomes” option next to the checkbox.
  • From the selection on the right, select the biome or biomes you prefer.
  • The map only displays that specific biome when you click its name.
  • By dragging the player’s cursor over the map projection, the coordinates of the biome’s position may be viewed in the bottom left corner of the map.
  • Several icons will be shown to players just above the map.
  • You can see the many constructions these icons represent on the map.
  • You can enable or disable the building’s visibility on the map by clicking on those symbols.

10 Alternatives Of Chunkbase

1. Curse Forge

Curse Forge is one of the primary alternatives to chunkbase. You may download add-ons and mods for games like Warcraft, StarCraft I, and Minecraft from this website, which is regarded as one of the top gaming websites.

It is a Minecraft Mod Pack that is a component of the Twitch Mods client, and it is quite simple to download. You can obtain Curse Forge modules from the full legal and free website With this alternative to chunkbase, which is available for Windows and Mac, you may handle the mods and add-ons.

2. Planet Minecraft

Planet Minecraft is another option besides Chunk Base that you can locate. It is a welcoming environment for families, and users can even appreciate or share their creative hobbies with others. Additionally, there are many enjoyable methods to change the gaming experience and raise the bar.

In addition, there will be a variety of Minecraft Maps, Skins, and Mods that you may download and play with. The site where you can upload your Minecraft maps is well-known.

It is a free platform that facilitates communication between users and Minecraft enthusiasts, as well as the uploading and downloading of Minecraft projects.

3. ModRadar

The website ModRadar is one that nguyennah created for gaming and modifying. This website was created specifically to give users access to fun Android games. People can quickly get all the most recent games by using this website. You may get the most recent and secure mods for various games using this website.

Users can learn a lot from others on the site in addition to downloading games and their mods. For people with a shared interest in modding, ModRadar serves as both a community and a small-scale civilization.

4. Gamemodding

A gaming website called Gamemodding was created to offer game mods. The users of this software can automatically install the mods that are available on the website.

A community of modders generated around 1500 game mods that can be found on the website. This website offers mods for well-known games, including Skyrim, Fallout 4, and Grand Theft Auto.

To find the mods, select the game you wish to modify. You must first select the game before looking through the mods. Additionally, you may arrange the games on the website by categories like UI, weapons, objects, and armour.

5. Vortex

On the gaming website Vortex, users can customize how they play and interact with their virtual worlds. The website offers tools that let users customize how they play and engage with their virtual worlds. Using this website, people can alter the critters, bricks, and weather in their simulations.

The website also offers a lot of world and multiplayer server options. Individuals can import the terrain generation seed using this website.

Users can alter chat colours in contrast to importing the seed for their terrain development. Everything on this website is changeable, including game difficulty, installed mods, and resource packs.

6. Mod Organizer

Tannin created the gaming website and application known as Mod Organizer. You can get a variety of game mods from this website. The best method for installing game mods is through this method. Users can manage mods for numerous games in addition to downloading them.

This website primarily performs the functions of an online editor and archive manager for the Rockstar games. It supports the production of a wide range of texts, including recordings. People can broaden their access to other resources like guns and cars with this website.

You may control mod collections of any size with the assistance of this website. On this website, all the modes are neatly organized and perfectly isolated. Additionally, this website offers compatibility with fomod installers and support for manual installs.

7. Nexusmods

Nexusmods is a website and source for gamers that share the original game stuff. A variety of PC game mods are available for download from this website. Players can modify their games in several different ways by downloading these mods.

On this website, users can upload several game mods in addition to installing them. The website also gives users the option to display information about their uploaded changes on the page. Additionally, the user must supply an image of the mods they have uploaded.

People can easily remark on file pages and modifications on this website. People can use the search bar on Nexusmods to quickly find the game modifications they want.

8. HappyMod

HappyMod is a website where you can download games and programs for free. You may immediately get the newest apps and games from our app store. This website offers apps and games in several genres.

It contains practically all of the Google Play games and apps. Users can utilize the search box on HappyMod to find the program or game they’re looking for.

Users must type the name or genre into a search field to find the desired app or game. On this website, you can download the paid-for versions of the games and applications available on other platforms. There is no need to be concerned about viruses because downloading from this store is secure and safe.

9. Foxy notail

Foxy is one of the greatest substitutes for chunk base, where you may buy a variety of Foxy-related goods. The custom player heads add-ons can be made by uploading the skin files.

In addition to many other things, it will produce unique resource packs, servers, and Minecraft editions. It is a free website where you may create Minecraft Bedrock, play the game, and follow tutorials that will provide you with a better gaming environment than block foundation.

10. Unmined

One of the most efficient and straightforward methods to use the Minecraft world watcher and mapper tools is Unmined. The person can utilize Unmined while running in complete safety.

There are all the different Minecraft downloads that you may discover. This website was created specifically to give users access to fun Android games.

People can quickly get all the most recent games by using this website. You may get the most recent and secure mods for various games using this website.

It is the greatest chunck base alternative for getting a 2D map overview and is compatible with Windows, Linux, and macOS. Additionally, numerous variants or mods provide various features that greatly simplify things.


The structure and biome location of the chunk base are two features that set it apart from the seed map. Along with hundreds of mods that players can use, the website has several game-specific instructions on various topics, including how villages function and how to set up an autonomous slime farm.

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