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The GovDeals online marketplace offers services to governmental, educational, and allied organizations for the public sale of excess property. Different sellers may have different auction rules.

A large range of products is available on for liquidation pricing. GovDeals describes itself as a safe and open online auction house for excess government and educational inventory.

In addition to managing sales in almost every imaginable industry, it also manages sales in several other industries, including equipment, transportation, real estate, energy, food service,  healthcare, construction, and aviation, to name a few.

  • The website is a great place to buy secondhand equipment if businesses or government organizations need assistance paying for new equipment.
  • In the Dominican Republic, a port firm bought some Virginia cranes.
  • Both parties gained from the deal because the buyer received the cranes at a substantial discount.
  • The Virginia Port Authority also avoided having to pay thousands in removal expenses.

The port’s growth and expansion strategy has proceeded gradually and without hiccups due to GovDeals’ assistance. However, GovDeals offers more than just surplus government property for sale. In addition to apparel, furniture, and souvenirs, the website also features ambulances and school buses.

Features Of GovDeals

Take charge

With the help of this global marketplace, you may sell your old equipment whenever, whenever, and however you need to.

Haste to market

There is no need to wait for someone else’s schedule. When items are designated surplus, list them directly on this platform to complete sales in a few days.

Retain more of your earnings

As you earn more money, they have eliminated excessive commission rates, listing fees, preparation expenses, storage fees, and shipping costs.

Collaboration and assistance

Their committed account managers can provide experienced guidance to ensure success, whether you are selling general excess or specialized specialist assets.

How Does GovDeals Work?

Items can only be sold on GovDeals by a select few persons. To enable them to sell their excess goods, the website only collaborates with governmental organizations like school districts,  police departments, city and county offices, and fire departments. On GovDeals, however, anyone may bid on the products for sale. Before placing a bid on an item in the marketplace, buyers must register on the website.

  • Throughout the registration process, you are prompted to choose whether you are an end user or a reseller/dealer.
  • You begin your “probation” as a new customer on the website, which lasts for around three months.
  • You have three probationary periods of around 30 days each, during which you must finish three auctions.
  • Throughout the trial time, you might not be permitted to place a bid on certain items.
  • Additionally, customers can sign up for email notifications when specific items go up for sale.

You can sign up to receive notifications whenever a new car is listed on the site, for instance, if you’re trying to buy a vehicle through the website. Even though most of the auctions are public, the website lists those that are “restricted.” Gun dealers, law enforcement organizations, fire departments, and other companies frequently hold restricted auctions.

How To Sell?


List any inventory or equipment, regardless of condition. Utilize their simple tools to construct your auction listing quickly. A brief item description and some images will do. Account Managers will show you how to make listings that increase the return on your investment.


Sell to more than one million active buyers. This website advertises your item listings to its global buyer network through complementary marketing campaigns that target relevant and active buyers for your particular items.


Increased returns on the disposal of your surplus! Do not stress over the papers! They control your closing process, invoice, and collect. They’ll transfer the money right to your bank account when the deal is done.

05 Alternatives Of GovDeal

1. Copart

Copart is the best online auction site since you can purchase vehicles completely online, whether they need components or are in drivable condition. The vehicles are then transported to you. Since many of its postings don’t require a dealer’s license to purchase, regular customers can place a bid on a car.

  • Brokers or legal representatives may submit a bid on your behalf if a listing stipulates that you must possess a business license.
  • Vehicles can be purchased and sold by companies, individuals, and dealers.
  • Provides both pristine and damaged titles.

The fact that individuals, companies, and dealers may purchase and sell used, salvage cars, wholesale trucks, exotics, boats, SUVs, and ATVs makes it the finest site for auto auctions.

  • Even Freightliner can be bought and sold.
  • The website offers titles in both clean and salvaged condition.
  • Each entry includes thorough descriptions, images, and information on the state of each car.

There is also a calculator available to calculate delivery costs to your area. There is a risk you will need to arrange third-party delivery or pickup because it is still being determined where Copart will ship.

You’ve probably heard of the retail locations of Goodwill. The company is well-recognized for selling donated furniture and clothing at more than 3,200 stores around the nation.

The distinctive products you’ve been hunting for can be found at You will have a vast selection of antiques and collectibles, whether you are a dedicated collector or a casual treasure hunter.

The extensive supply of donated goods at participating Goodwills is always culled for new and like-new items. You’ll be happy to hear that the money raised supports worthwhile initiatives like job placement, training, and education programs for those who face obstacles like impairments.

There are many different categories of products for sale. There are tools, office supplies, jewelry, literature, movies, art, antiques, and so forth.

3. Sotheby’s

Sotheby’s is one of the oldest and biggest auction houses for fine and collectible objects. It has strict quality standards and provides internal financing through its financial services branch.

★ Each item must be of a certain caliber and have a minimum consignment value.

★ Providing Financing

★ They will direct you to one of their reputable partners if your item is not acceptable for listing with Sotheby’s.

The fact that you may purchase and sell in over 44 categories, including antiquities, jewels, wine, modern art, and old master paintings, makes it the greatest auction site for luxury and collector products.

★ Hundreds of items can be bought at the list price in addition to its auction website.

★ Should you require financing, Sotheby’s also provides it.

★ Sotheby’s allows anyone to sell, although they are picky about the products they accept.

Images, measurements, a history, and item documentation must accompany your estimate request. You should receive a response with an estimate in seven business days. This estimate considers commission, insurance premiums for liability and damage, and expenses for promoting the product.

4. Municibid

Municibid is another website we’ll look at for online auction. It is a simple-to-use website for government organizations, educational institutions, local governments, and utilities to sell surplus and forfeitures to the general public.

Its online auctions are all held and open for bidding twenty-four hours a day. The service is free for sellers, but all purchases are subject to an additional 8% buyer’s fee.

When determining how much to spend, remember that this fee is added to the winning offer. Municibid is crammed with things you can buy.

Automobiles, electronics, computers, furniture, office supplies, athletic goods, and more are among the categories. View all of the auctions that Municibid is now hosting. The variety of prizes that are available to you will astound you.

5. eBay

eBay is the greatest overall online auction service due to its free buyer registration, protection against fraud for both buyers and sellers, and international accessibility. Most nations are eligible to purchase and sell on eBay.

  • International buyers and sellers
  • For purchasers, it is free
  • Provides both buyer and seller protection
  • Unless the buyer is from outside the country, there may be a currency conversion fee.
  • It is free to use, making it the best available online auction website.

Additionally, in fraud, both the buyer and the seller are protected. There are limited and prohibited categories, yet anyone can sell on eBay. For instance, you cannot sell tools for lockpicking or locksmithing. Additionally, since eBay doesn’t sell any of its goods, you are unaffected by them as a seller.


Is GovDeals.Com Legit?

Yes, is a legitimate website. The website is one of many eBay-like markets used by government organizations to sell excess inventory. Three ZPMC ship-to-shore cranes owned by the Virginia Port Authority were reportedly sold for $50,000 apiece in July.

Does The Government Own GovDeals?

The government does not own govDeals. It is a component of the publicly traded corporation Liquidity Services (LQDT), which also operates Network International,, IronDirect, GoIndustry DoveBid, and other online markets. The GovDeals website claims that the marketplace has enabled over $2.6 billion in deals over 20 years of operation.


The most well-known online auction sites are eBay, Sotheby’s, Copart, etc. Most of these websites offer free buyer registration and accept credit, debit, money orders, cashier’s checks, and money orders as payment methods for winning bids. Even some offer internal funding possibilities.

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