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MonkeyType offers a straightforward typing test with various test settings, an accounting system to record your typing history, user-configurable features like themes, a comfortable caret, and more. The open-source and free tool features a community that supports quick typing on leaderboards.

The application generates its tests by default using the 200 most frequently used terms in the English language. However, you can change the settings to increase the difficulty and boost your typing in weaker places.

With numerous test modes and capabilities, monkeytype is currently an open-source project. You can take typing tests concentrating on time, words, quotations, punctuation, and numbers on the website, which supports more than 40 languages.

Additionally, there is a custom option that enables you to customize the sentence and a Zen Mode that allows you to continue entering any words you like. 15, 30, 60, and 120 seconds are the standard time limits, but you can change them. You may view your words per minute (wpm), accuracy, character statistics, test length, worldwide ranking, and test type on the results page.

Features Of MonkeyType

1. Customizable settings

The typing environment that enables users to choose the settings they want is preferred. For instance, if necessary, you can alter the theme or mode. You can activate the freedom mode, for instance, to correct a typing mistake.

2. Variety of shortcuts.

A customer-friendly website attracts millions of internet visitors, according to research. Websites like Monkeytype support shortcuts to making it simpler for you to use their platform. For instance, you can restart the typing test using the shortcut tab + enter.

3. Maintains user privacy

The majority of typing platforms don’t demand sign-ins. The good news is that Monkeytype requires users to connect to their accounts before the typing test can be started. Your private information, such as the results of typing tests, can thus be accessed by random people.

4. Quick registration

The registration procedure is quick and easy. To create a new account, a new user must complete 2 easy steps. Entering your information, which should include the following: Password, Contact Email, and Username. The next step is to enter your information by clicking the “Sign Up” button. To get started, it might give you a link for account verification.

5. Sell reasonably priced goods.

Users have equal access to inexpensive goods like t-shirts. Imagine being able to purchase a hoodie for just $49.99. Similarly, a long-sleeved shirt is also available for $29.99. To place your order, all you have to do is go to the Monkeytype store.

6. Zero input lag

You must have used a lagged cursor at some point. How enraged were you as a result? If you enter websites with input lags, it gets even worse. It ultimately results in a precise capture of one’s typing speed.

8 Alternatives Of MonkeyType

1. Keybr

Keybr is the website I suggest if you’re seeking a means to increase your typing speed and perfect the skill of touch typing (having to write without looking at the keyboard).

Keybr creates random words instead of phrases using a portion of the entire alphabet. With enough practice, the website will help you become accustomed to specific keystrokes, increasing your total speed.

You may view the wpm for each round, the total number of errors, and the score on the results page. Additionally, you can engage in multiplayer competition with other players and switch keyboard layouts to suit your tastes. It might be useful if you frequently type documents using your preferred word processor.

2. TypeRacer

In 2008, Alexa Epshteyn created the well-known browser-based typing platform TypeRacer. This multi-user typing interface is comparable to Monkeytype.

In the typing test, a player can truly compete against online opponents. TypeRacer divides the typing competition among various skill levels.

The best feature is that you can challenge more than 200 friends to a game on this platform. Click the “Race Your Friends” button is required. The system, for sharing purposes, will create an automatic invite link.

3. 10FastFingers

The most well-known typing test website is called 10fastfingers. It has been around for a while and is frequently chosen by typists to take a speed test.

And there’s a good explanation for that. The website is easy to navigate, even for new users and doesn’t feel intimidating. During the typing test, you must type different words for a minute.

Although you can select to type in more than 50 languages, you cannot change the test’s duration.

When the test is finished, the results will be displayed along with the number of keystrokes, accuracy, and correct and incorrect words typed.

You can challenge your friends via other social media sites or broadcast your outcome on Facebook directly from the page.

4. Key Hero

Another choice is Key Hero if you want to measure your typing speed. Because it displays the data as graphs, Key Hero is special and can be useful to some users. Additionally, it displays the individuals’ typical typing speed and accuracy.

The website shows you where you made some mistakes after you’ve finished the test, along with your speed and accuracy. To begin a new typing test, press the Enter key. Try Key Hero if all of that seems intriguing.

5. Typing Cat

Finally, there is Typing Cat. You can take one-minute, three-minute, or five-minute typing exams on this website. On the same website, you may play typing games like Rain, in which you must enter the word before it slides to the bottom of the screen.

Your typing efficiency, accuracy, and position during the previous 24 hours are displayed on the results page. The cursor movement in Typing Cat is one thing I didn’t enjoy. It is unresponsive and has a propensity to lag, especially after making a mistake. You can disable the typewriter sound on the website, which can become bothersome.


Speed test websites have been updated, and Typings is one of them. It has a nice appearance. If you don’t like how the website looks and feels by default, you can choose from various themes. is one of the most popular alternatives to Monkeytype that you can find. You can select from a variety of contemporary typing speed test websites on this one.

However, despite not seeming good, it is. If you don’t like how it looks by default, you can choose from various themes. The website includes various features that may not be found on other websites.

The hunt is now done if you are searching for the best tool. Like Monkeytype, the ideal website for honing your typing speed skills is


The foundation of is typing education since it can help users improve their keyboarding and coding skills and increase the percentage of people who are literate online.

The platform can enable educators and learners to lay a technological foundation for achieving consistency in games, courses, online activities, and many more. You can test your keyboard typing speed with the simple website TypeTest.

The user interface is simple, and you can take tests for as little as 10 seconds and as long as you’d like—up to 5 minutes. The results page shows the total number of characters typed, accuracy, and gross wpm. is the best option if you’re looking for an easy website to measure your typing speed. If you meet the requirements, you can register and climb the leaderboard.

8. Rapid Typing Tutor

Users of the RapidTyping instructor software can improve their keyboard abilities by using the many learning strategies it offers. Users can readily access the numerous lessons by typing more quickly and precisely. The platform offers customers several modes, one of which is touch-tying, which is preferred for sophisticated functioning network systems.

Even classes required for testing nearly all levels of experience are included in Rapid Typing Tutor. Users can access their progress after completion, including their accuracy, word per minute, and amount of typing, which keeps them engaged as they study.


Can text on the MonkeyType website be more visible?

Yes, it is. There are particular options available in MonkeyType, like changeable fonts and themes. Students with low vision should use dark mode and an extra-large font. You’ll also need to choose the “Low Vision” setting.

How reliable is the monkey type?

Consumers have given a rating of 5 stars based on 1 review, which shows that most consumers are typically happy with their purchases.

Not at all, no! As a result, the platform disclaims all liability for any content found on linked websites. Users must conduct more studies into such material as a result. Avoid getting in trouble for putting your trust in a foreign website.

Final Words

These are a few of the most excellent and trustworthy websites like Monkeytype. You can enhance your typing skills by using any of these websites.

Most people can pick up touch typing within ten days and become proficient after a month of practice.

Once you become used to touching type, there is no going back because you can complete all your typing tasks in half the time.

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