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We all enjoy watching movies and popular television programs. Because of our busy lives and everyday schedules, we occasionally find it difficult to watch the show.

But what happens if you don’t have to use the TV to play your movies and shows? Yes, you can stream them whenever you want. You will soon receive assistance from OnionPlay. Then let’s get going!

Onionplay Review

Onionplay is a “legit” website that offers free access to movies and television series online. You may watch your preferred TV shows and movies for free here.

Try OnionPlay if you wish to watch movies of the best possible quality for free. This website is entirely devoted to the movies and videos section.

The unique aspect of onionplay is that, like other websites, you must pay to see movies or TV series. You must purchase a membership if you subscribe to Amazon Prime or Netflix.

Once you sign up, you can browse movies there. OnionPlay, however, is different here. Here, you may watch free movies and TV episodes.

Features Of OnionPlay

  • The layouts of OnionPlay are straightforward and uncomplicated.
  • You can scroll on certain layouts without being confused or interrupted.
  • As we’ve previously mentioned, OnionPlay is a pirated website. However, it offers its consumers additional safety and security.
  • As a result, you don’t need to be concerned about your system. That won’t be vulnerable to virus and malware attacks.
  • The pace at which the page loads is really fast and accurate.
  • You can navigate through any content on OnionPlay without any buffering.
  • On the top of OnionPlay, there is a distinct search button.
  • Finding any movies or TV shows you wish to watch is now simpler.
  • A wide variety of television shows and films are available here.
  • To view the top movies and TV shows, visit OnionPlay’s categories. From the category, pick your favorite films or TV shows.

Categories Of OnionPlay

Some specific categories are available when it comes to OnionPlay’s categories. On the OnionPlay homepage, anything is available. You won’t have to fight to traverse our website to access your chosen material. OnionPlay’s primary categories include;

  • Movies
  • New releases
  • TV shows
  • TOP
  • Genres
  • Episodes
  • A-Z

How Can You Download Movies On OnionPlay?

The downloading procedure is quite simple and easy. You can do it quickly, particularly if the website provides the material. To do that, you must take specific actions. View the home page after arriving at OnionPlay’s official website.

  • To find the film or television show, you wish to watch, navigate the website.
  • When you’ve located the content you’re looking for, click on the thumbnail to go to that new page.
  • The download button can then be found at the bottom of the page, which will be helpful.
  • The downloading will begin immediately after clicking that button.
  • Enjoy your shows right now.

10 Alternatives Of OnionPlay

There are many websites like OnionPlay that all of those people can use. Most of these alternatives are risk-free, legitimate, and safe to use. Here, we’ll discuss a few choices you can use without worrying.

1. Putlockers

Putlocker is a worldwide website where you can download and watch your favorite movies, TV episodes, and movies.

Its collection of more than 25 genres of films and television series, including war, drama, sci-fi, animation, comedy, and many others, makes it one of the largest movie libraries in the world. Regional television programs and films are also available at the same time.

2. DivxCrawler

DivxCrawler is software that allows you to play, make, and share your videos uniquely and inventively. It supports various formats, including MKV, AVI, and 4K, and aids in the professional creation of videos.

It has three distinct requirements: Playing high-quality films, recommending fitting music, and expert mixing are the main focuses of DivxPlayer. The video is converted using Divx Converter, which can crop videos using user instructions.

3. Vudu

You may stream hundreds of H.D. movies, and T.V. shows from Vudu at any time, anywhere in the globe. It is one of the top suppliers of VOD streaming services.

The website has a user-friendly interface that makes it simple to find and watch your favorite television shows and movies.

Although it is a great platform, you can also watch some movies and T.V. series for free on it. You may stream movies with a top-notch user experience on Vudu.com.


With thousands of VOD movies available worldwide, XUMO is a well-liked substitute for OnionPlay. The fact that this movie streaming service offers hundreds of free channels, making it a fully-featured streaming site, is the most intriguing aspect of it.

You can download movies on the internet and access more than 160 channels with XUMO: T.V. & Movie Streaming, which also offers a sizable streaming library. Like other services, XUMO supports advertising and lets you view well-known films.

5. Peacock T.V.

The NBC film streaming site Peacock T.V., which competes with OnionPlay and provides nearly all of the same services and features, has the quickest growth.

You may access and play thousands of the top movies, anime series, T.V. shows, and channels on the website from anywhere in the world.

All of your favorite material is conveniently located in one spot on Peacock T.V., an NBCUniversal streaming service for movies.

6. YesMovies

It would be wonderful if YesMovies were a trustworthy website. The website boasts a user-friendly appearance, simple navigation, and a library of free movies and TV series.

It is a well-known website for those who desire to view movies for free. Even more customization options exist, such as creating a favorite list of your favorite movies.

  • In addition, searching for titles is quick and simple.
  • You can locate what you’re looking for using a search box.
  • This is a departure from the industry norm, which calls for numerous titles to be displayed on a single page.

The only issue with YesMovies if you dislike advertisements is how intrusive they are. Before you can watch your favorite TV or movie, pop-ups will be everywhere. There are better options than using this site because it is also prohibited.

7. Music H.Q.

Music H.Q. is not a website that streams music. You may watch movies, and T.V. shows for free here. It offers a Night Mode and a very efficient search engine if you prefer the night. There are only a few banner advertisements; there are no pop-up ads. The finest part is this.

In sum up, Music H.Q. is a top choice for free movie streaming since it offers a positive user experience. You will see a lot of advertisements when you use the website.

Because Music H.Q. does not possess the distribution rights to the material they feature, you can also watch unlawful content.

8. CoolMovieZ

This website gives users a chance to download high-quality, full-length movies. The best aspect of this website is how the movies are categorized by genre.

There are also several categories, such as the top 20 and trending movies. The user is sure to only see the greatest movies by selecting these categories.

9. Wapking

Wapking is one of the most well-known websites for streaming movies online. The website’s materials may be accessed by users without charge, contributing to its recent huge rise in popularity.

In addition to streaming movies, this website also allows users to download movies instantly in any format.

Films are accessible in every language. You can download and view movies while streaming web series, videos, documentaries, and other material. It is straightforward to explore the website because of its user-friendly interface.

10. Con TV

This website is increasingly becoming more well-known for presenting a variety of old and new movies. You may watch a huge selection of independently produced shows, documentaries, and movies here in addition to movies and TV shows.

Con TV stands out since it features a variety of original TV series and movies. These are all unique pieces of content.


Is OnionPlay illegal?

No, and yes. However, there are some nations where employing OnionPlay is prohibited, so it’s vital to research your local regulations before using it.

Is OnionPlay safe?

Like any other website, OnionPlay is secure. The only distinction is that you don’t have to create an account, making it anonymous and preventing anyone from monitoring your visits or using this information against you.

Does OnionPlay contain viruses?

No, it doesn’t, but before installing any APK file, you must always double-check it. This will make it easier to verify that the OnionPlay site is safe and virus-free.

Does OnionPlay offer a download option?

Yes, you can use a VPN or proxy to download videos from OnionPlay, but remember that this will only sometimes work.


You don’t need anything more to start using OnionPlay safely to stream free movies immediately. To avoid problems, please keep in mind this advice while you use this website.

We hope you found the article interesting. If you have any comments or questions, kindly post them in the space provided below. All feedback on OnionPlay is welcome, but we especially want to hear from those who use it to watch movies.

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