Pimeyes Review – 08 Alternatives Of Pimeyes

According to the description of PimEyes, it “Uses genuine face recognition algorithms to compare a provided photo with photographs of around 10 million individuals.” The database is a picture search engine in the online services category and includes many publicly available photos from the Web, including Wikipedia.

There are more than 08 PimEyes alternatives, including websites and apps for operating systems like Opera, Firefox, Google Chrome, and Android. Even if the images were taken in various locations and at various times, PimEyes could recognize when the same individual appears in many pictures.

PimEyes is not fully free, though. While you may search for free, you will not be able to view the sites the results are appearing on, rendering the results useless if you’re looking for someone’s social networking or blog account. You must enroll in a pricey, high-end plan to obtain such information.

In addition, most premium plans include a daily search cap. Furthermore, PimEyes may be more accurate, as everyone who has used it is aware. Many of the results are false positive lookalikes from adult websites.

Features Of Pimeyes

  • This website loads pages quite quickly. The photographs can be found in the blink of an eye.
  • Comes with very good facial recognition.
  • The selection of filters is excellent.
  • Upload Photos Directly.
  • Supported Formats: JPEG, PNG, BMP, TIFF, and RAW.
  • Insert Image URL.
  • Integration with search engines.
  • Higher Level Identification.

08 Pimeyes Alternatives

Alternatives to PimEyes often include image search engines, but they can also include document scanners. You may filter by these if you want a more focused set of options or are looking for a certain PimEyes feature. For anyone looking for a website similar to PimEyes, check some of the names listed below. You can use the free version that some of them offer. Order must be maintained in the list.

1. Bing

Bing’s effective visual search capability may make images that resemble one another easier. Additionally, this approach aids in the identification of other things like dog breeds, locations, and types of flowers.

In addition, if you enjoy window shopping, use this photo search option to locate photographs and websites with items that look similar and check their availability.

The following are some advantages of Bing’s picture search:

  • Excellent results for matching photos with similar appearances.
  • The visual search function is excellent.
  • Shopaholics will benefit from it in numerous ways.

This PimEyes substitute is free but has a very constrained feature set. The results aren’t as good as those from other search engines. Image search tools would only be interesting with filtering choices.

2. Yandex 

Yandex is a large firm with a wide range of services. Although it is more like Google’s search engine, it can be used as an alternative to PimEyes’ free account.

You can upload a picture to perform a reverse image search or input keywords in the field provided by the image search tool. The Yandex image search service offers several filter choices to provide the best possible service.

This program’s capability to determine your screen’s resolution is another intriguing feature. Those looking for wallpaper in a corresponding size find that feature helpful. This tool does a decent job of providing its service overall. Additionally, it is fantastic for those who hunt for wallpaper online.

3. TinEye

In contrast, TinEye is a worthy replacement for PimEyes. Given the system’s extensive characteristics, this is more than a typical image search result.

TinEye image search uses cutting-edge technologies in addition to neural networks, machine learning, and pattern recognition. It features a free option, but you can add extra paid tools for as little as $200 each month.

If you’re searching for a program that prevents you from utilizing identical photographs from the earlier content, the cost can be worth it.

Other services the system offers include image verification, label matching, and color analysis. Since you can add the extension to all widely used web browsers, TinEye is a fantastic tool.

This program performs admirably in addition to being simple to use and having superb filtering features.

4. FindClone

Yet another Russian website that makes use of facial recognition technology is FindClone, formerly known as SearchFace. It offers a free, time-limited trial edition, unlike PimEyes.

But it’s only possible to locate matches on VKontakte, a well-liked social networking site in Russia that essentially acts as the “Russian Facebook.”

One of the most useful online resources is FindClone, which can precisely locate individuals’ social media profiles even when those profile pictures feature other people.

Russia is not the only country affected. Seeing if a scammer took your profile photo and used it to make a false account on VKontakte can also be helpful.

For FindClone registration, a mobile number is required. Even though FindClone is in Russian, you can always convert the website into English using Google Translate in Chrome or Firefox.

5. Search4faces

Another free website in Russia, similar to PimEyes, is called Search4faces. Search4faces discloses the number of individuals in each database.

VKontakte, which boasts 1.1 billion outcomes, is its biggest database. The collecting time, or the period during which the images in the database were scanned, is also disclosed by Search4faces.

Therefore, an Instagram account formed after the data-gathering period won’t appear in the findings. The percentage of queries that were successful is the last thing Search4faces reveals. Even if it doesn’t locate any matches, it might present you with “similar” results.

The ability to limit your results by nation, city, age, and gender, which PimEyes lacks, is one feature I appreciated about Search4faces.

You can crop a photo before uploading it, but the mobile version of the site struggles with the crop function. In contrast to PimEyes, it doesn’t demand user registration either.

6. Google Image Search

The Google Image search face tool is well-tried if you like something simple and well-known.  The finest picture search engine you have identified is this one, which is quite well-liked by consumers.

The entire process feels simpler and more natural because of its drag-and-drop functionality. One of the greatest search engines for finding similar photographs can be said to be Google Image Search.

This engine will only get more appealing with some cutting-edge features and filter choices. Although there are a few filter choices, you never filter the result by format.

Other search engines’ results are not displayed; only Google’s are displayed. It excels in simplicity of use and offers multilingual support for Google Face searches. To get rid of the inconvenience, you can use a voice command.

7. Picsearch

Picsearch should be included in PimEyes-like programs that provide complimentary services. It resembles Bing and Google quite a bit. Additionally, many graphics are based on the current hot issue.

In the meanwhile, the graphics will alter if you alter your language. You can enter keywords in the box exactly as you would on a search engine generally.

Along with its simple user interface, you will find a lot of image suggestions for your nation. Also, the performance may be improved. These items may cause you to think again.

● Uploading the image is not an option.

● Some pictures are taken from out-of-date websites.

● An image cannot be displayed in full-screen mode.

8. Ximilar

If you look at the list of PimEyes substitutes on Reddit, Ximilar is also included. It has a free and premium plan with a monthly starting price of USD 59.

A strong tool that makes the most of AI, Ximilar is appropriate for business at all levels. In addition to looking for similar photographs, this tool will be most useful for e-commerce, surveillance, fashion, real estate, and many other fields.

  • The application is not the easiest to use.
  • But once you’ve learned everything, you get a ton of benefits right away.
  • This program excels in several areas, including photo tagging, image recognition, and image similarity search.
  • A flexible option with top-notch customer assistance is Ximilar.

You may rely on this software to handle your business to a certain extent. Given the intricate features, there might be better options for beginners. Additionally, the list’s prices can be more reasonable.


PimEyes was once again the brightest star among AI image search engines. It provides a larger range of alternatives because it has free and paid plans.

However, some other websites and apps might provide a more beneficial function that can be customized for different purposes and is free.

Even if numerous image search programs provide a comparable service, it won’t harm you to try a few. A decent place to start is the free plan.

And here is all the information you require regarding the top PimEyes substitutes. Above all else, this type of technology is more than just a tool for a firm that incorporates images into its work.

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