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One of the online pirate sites with the quickest growth right now is SD Movies Point. Compared to other pirated sites, this one is more well-liked. This is so that new movies can be downloaded for free and in HD quality from SD Movies. The website posts brand-new movies the same day they are released in theaters.

A big selection of free Television programs and online series is also available on SDMoviesPoint. You can watch and download stuff from this site is a plus. You may download movies from SD Movies Point in various video formats, including 480p, 720p, and 320p.

Sdmoviespoint offers free, high-quality content, in contrast to other piracy-related websites. Additionally, they provide Netflix Movies, dual audio films, and free, subtitled movies. One benefit is that the website is regularly updated.

Categories Of Sdmoviespoint

There are numerous movie categories here. Following is a list of each:

  • Romantic films, among others
  • Hollywood Dual Audio Films
  • Hindi MP3 and Video Songs
  • 300 Mb Film Download
  • Bollywood HD films
  • Hindi Dubbed Films
  • Bollywood films
  • Malayalam films
  • Dubbed films
  • Documentary
  • Korean film  
  • Animation
  • Tamil films
  • Adventure
  • Comedy
  • Crime

Features Of Sdmoviespoint

The website contains a few noteworthy features. Following is a list of some of them:

  • A wide variety of movies and TV shows are available for viewing.
  • The movies that have been uploaded come with information that will give you a good notion of what the movie is about.
  • You are not required to compile a list of your favorite films on any copy. That is possible on the site itself.
  • You can watch Hollywood and Bollywood films in the language of your choice due to the prevalence of dubs.
  • The servers for the website are quick.
  • They offer quick downloading rates.
  • Furthermore, there are fewer risks of server faults.
  • The website primarily discusses Hindi films.

How To Download Films From Sdmoviespoint?

Users must understand how to download movies from this website. People who are unfamiliar with digital technologies frequently need assistance. Follow the instructions below to download movies.

  • Go to the Sdmoviespoint site by clicking the most recent link.
  • Now use the search bar to look for the movie you want. You can click on one of the other genres to find the movie you want.
  • Click the movie once you’ve located it.
  • Find a suitable downloading link once the page has loaded.
  • After choosing the link source, let the movie download.
  • On your device, save the movie’s file.

08 Alternatives Of Sdmoviespoint

1. Sony Crunch

Sony Crunch is the first option in the list of Sdmoviespoint alternatives. Some folks are content to watch movies online. However, some people prefer to download movies, so they can watch them whenever possible.

Sony Crunch is a popular streaming website among people who wish to download movies and watch them online. The website aims to serve users of mobile phones in addition to those who use PCs.

And for this reason, Sony Crunch has a mobile app as well. Mobile devices running iOS and Android can both download this software.

Users of the PlayStation 4 can download this software onto their phones as well. The only issue with the website is that registration is required to view it, which turns away users.

2. Tamil Rockers

Tamil Rockers is another streaming service that can be a wonderful alternative to Sdmoviespoint. Tamil Rockers has succeeded in establishing a strong reputation for themselves in the Indian online streaming market. It has achieved this quickly and uploads the newest films on its site’s first day of release.

Therefore, everyone who lacks the funds to see a movie in a theater or the patience to watch it on television or an OTT platform rushes to this website. Tamil Rockers is India’s most well-known website where users can access their preferred material.

Tamil Rockers, which lives up to its name, is a popular destination for internet users looking for Tamil-language entertainment.

  • However, the website’s material extends beyond solely Tamil-language movies.
  • After realizing that it needed to broaden its horizons, Tamil Rockers took that step.
  • Tamil Rockers began offering films and TV shows in various languages on its site, including English, Hindi, Marathi, Telugu, Punjabi, etc.
  • The trouble of registering on the website is optional to use Tamil Rockers’ services.

3. Cinemavilla

Cinemavilla is another well-known site among Indian customers for downloading and streaming video. Movies in regional tongues, including Hindi, Malayalam, Tamil, Telugu, etc., are available on the internet. Due to frequent website updates, there is extremely little chance that a user’s device will become infected with malware or viruses.

The website’s user interface is likewise incredibly slick and simple to use. One benefit of Cinemavilla is how little space it takes up on a user’s smartphone. As a result, users no longer need to worry about running out of storage space.

4. Isaimini

South Indian films are really popular right now. The South of India has produced many high-quality movies, including Super Deluxe and Kumbalangi Nights. Today, people from all across India want to see movies from that section of the nation. A website called Isaimini focuses on producing material for South Indians.

You can watch films dubbed into Tamil from different languages on the website. Isaimini is a well-organized website. The website’s information is segmented into categories. The first section includes Tamil-language movies and web programs. The second section consists of films translated into Tamil from other languages to appeal to South Indian audiences.

5. Los Movies

A great substitute for SDmoviespoint is Los Movies. It contains copies of nearly all recently released films, documentaries, television shows, and shorts. This website offers a wide variety of stuff. You will be okay with using this website once you get started.

Users can download and stream the content for free while using the website. The content is available for download or streaming in whatever language you choose. Therefore, if you want to watch movies in your free time, this website will quickly become one of your favorites.


Another popular website where you may watch a variety of content is YIFY. Many new and old films and television shows can be found on this website. It is a website that you can use without paying any additional fees. The information on this site is divided into a wide variety of categories.

Users will find it simpler to locate the precise material they need. On this website, you can view as many films as you like. Many TV shows are available, and you may view any content with HD audio and video.

7. LetMeWatchThis

LetMeWatch Another top-notch website with a user-friendly interface and a wide variety of material is this one. You must search for the film or TV show on this website before selecting the play button.

On this website, you may find both new and classic movies. Access to the website is free. You can use this website in any way, including streaming content, without registering. This website’s content is entirely presented in HD audio and video.

8. ALTBalaji

On its platform, ALTBalaji provides original and limited-edition content. It offers a wide variety of high-end and excellent Bollywood television programs and films starring top actors, acclaimed filmmakers, and acclaimed writers.

Additionally, you can find stories in various settings and genres, including thrillers and crime fiction, as well as drama, mystery, humor, and romance.

  • Everyone can find great fun on ALTBalaji.
  • This one is the greatest SD Movies Point substitute for saving content to view offline.
  • The website offers episodes in numerous languages to serve Indians both domestically and internationally.

The platform’s content is viewable on media players, web browsers, tablets, mobile devices, and smart TVs. Even while ALTBalaji offers premium material, some movies are available to stream on the internet and mobile app without a paid subscription.


Not at all the Sdmoviespoint website contains pirated content, and doing so is against the law.

Is SD Movies Safe?

SD Movies Point is an illegal website; therefore, no. Without the content owner’s consent, it offers links to pirated torrents. The government even banned the site because it broke copyright rules. According to the legislation, accessing such a site is forbidden. If you are discovered, you will be held accountable.

Is it safe to download films from Sdmoviespoint?

Sdmoviespoint leaks pirated content; thus, downloading or watching movies from this website is unsafe. Your device may be infected with malware once you have browsed this site.


A well-known torrent website is SD Movies Point. Even if many people do it, we advise you to quit watching movies from illegal sources. Choose legal substitutes for these websites instead. By doing so, you support the film industry while avoiding any unwanted problems.

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