Complete Guide About Ustvgo – 8 Alternatives Of USTVGo

USTVGO is a free streaming service that offers more than 90 channels of live cable TV. On this service, you may watch live TV in various genres. Sports, entertainment, kids, and news are a few of these.

There is no need to register or log in to use this website. It is a platform for immediate one-click streaming. You may watch more than 80 TV channels for free online due to USTVGO.

  • Unfortunately, the service is only available in the United States.
  • There can be further location restrictions for other shows broadcast via the service.
  • Therefore, you can use a VPN to circumvent these geo-restrictions whether you’re traveling abroad or within the United States.
  • Sites like USTV GO that offer IPTV services enable live access to the content, unlike other free streaming movie services.
  • Therefore, you may use the website’s TV schedule to tune in to NBC and watch programs like “Late Night with Jimmy Fallon” live as they air on television.

On the website, live TV is offered together with real-time streaming. Choose a channel, and it will start playing without any delays. You can view USTV’s planned show schedule for the upcoming two days. There are one hundred premium channels available on the platform.

USTVGO Features

  • 100% free
  • No need to sign up
  • Suitable for use with many devices
  • There are 93 cable channels accessible
  • Advertises its VPN service to access various material

How To Watch USTVGO On Firestick

Before streaming on USTVGO, we advise setting up a VPN on your Firestick device.

  1.  Press FIND.
  2. Press Search.
  3. Enter Silk Browser and select the suggested entry.
  4. When the icon for the Silk Browser displays, tap on it.
  5. Select the Download or Get button.
  6. Permit the application to install.
  7. Click Open to start the application.
  8. Mouse over the app’s search box.
  9. Enter and click Go.
  10.  If the suggestion appears, press Cancel.
  11. Currently, you are on the USTVGO website.
  12. Select your preferred streaming channel using your remote control.

08 Alternatives Of USTVGo


Since USTREAM offers over 200 subscription services in entertainment, film, sports, and other categories, it is a good substitute for USTVGO. It makes it simple for you to connect to high-quality channels. It’s also known as IBM Cloud Video or IBM Video Streaming. Even though pop-ups occasionally happen, installing an ad blocker can make them more tolerable.

The user interface is relatively easy. You don’t need to have much knowledge to access any station from the list of channels. Most websites work without problems, except for advertisements and pop-up windows; however, when playing, ensure a VPN is enabled. This free alternative to USTVGo is a good choice.

2. 123TV Now

Accessing live television is simple with 123TV’s user-friendly interface and an enormous selection of channels. The incredible thing is that 123TV doesn’t require registration and doesn’t show commercials, so people may watch channels without worrying.

Because 123TV always displays legal links, it is the best USTVGo substitute. There is, therefore, no problem. On 123TV, you may get US and UK channels and ones for films, news, and sports. You can access various options by visiting 123TV on your phone or laptop.

3. TV247

Another similar website, ustvgo, is TV247. It provides free streaming access to well-known US broadcasters. Although there are fewer pop-ups on this website, one distinguishing feature is the abundance of ad banners. The majority of the channels we tried to view had broken streaming.

This might improve the website’s quality. Additionally, there is excessive buffering before seeing any channels. The channels BBC America, FOX News, Discovery, Animal Planet, National Geographic, Fox Sports 1, NFL Network, HBO,  ESPN, ABC, Disney XD, and CBS are all featured on this website.

4. Voot

We know that Voot is an Indian subscription service for streaming videos. Voot contains hundreds of hours of valuable content, including movies and shows, so you can wait to create an account. The platform, which works with phones and tablets running iOS, Android, and KaiOS, is owned and managed by Viacom 18.

Voot also broadcasts well-liked shows from networks owned by Viacom, including MTV, Colors, Nickelodeon, and others.

The popularity of the Voot app is primarily due to the availability of well-known shows like Brooklyn Nine-Nine, Choti Sarrdarni, and  MTV Splitsvilla. It also has content in additional languages, including Marathi and Bengali, Gujarati, Tamil, Telugu, and Kannada.

5. OK Live TV

OKLiveTV is where you can access live streaming connections through Live TV without paying a dime. The fact that you can use this service without signing up or subscribing is its best feature. All you have to do to proceed after arriving at the website is click the link supplied.

The website offers a straightforward video player. Even the buffering time is shortened to be long channels, and programming is of the highest caliber.

Channels for documentaries, films, entertainment, games, and even religious content should be available for streaming. Sadly, others claim that the website is fake.

Therefore copyright problems are probably present. Also, some of the connections need to be fixed. Nevertheless, you should add this to your list of the top USTVGo alternatives for amusement.


An Indian audience can access the streaming service’s material here. With a variety of shows, films, and other forms of entertainment, they cater to Indian viewers.

YuppTV is the best option if you love Indian films but don’t want to pay for your preferred Indian entertainment. The service divides its programming into On-Demand, Catch-up material, and Live TV categories.

This channel is for you if you enjoy Bollywood productions, especially venerable series like Kasauti Zindagi Ki. All you need is an internet connection to get started. Additionally, you can link it to Chromecast, Roku, or Fire TV.

There is no need for a cable box, DVB, or satellite connection to purchase or install. It is not necessary. You are also not required to create a contract. You are free to sign up or downgrade your subscription whenever you wish. The website’s layout is attractive and practical, facilitating easy exploration and navigation.

7. DirecTV

DirecTV is rapidly expanding its subscriber base. These online TV services stream live TV and offer more than 150 channels. You can anticipate more TV Channels and a sizable assortment of the big media collection for access because TunerMedia is powering it.

Television shows and movies are also available through the living tv service. Another App contains a few things that could be improved, which makes the User Experience of it quite improbable. But in the internet content streaming market, DirecTV presents a potent mix of music, entertainment, news,  sports, and general channels.


Another online streaming service for entertainment is this one. Its free internet TV functionality is also its coolest feature. Since it functions similarly to USTVGo, you should be fine browsing this website if you are experienced with USTVGo. Along with easy navigation and operation, this one includes an astonishing number of collections.

Considering that they update and add new content frequently, you can be confident that everything on the site is current. There are no annoying commercials or buffering issues. Such a thing is not there on this website. The website could be superior. It has been forgotten and needs to be updated, much like the previous style from the 1990s. But FreeInterTV will meet your needs in terms of quality.


Is USTVGO safe?

Yes, using USTVGO is secure. You gain even more protection when watching USTVGO material using a VPN connection. Because VPNs prevent viruses and other dangerous internet activities, this is true.

USTVGO is not a legal streaming platform. It includes material that can be accessed without a password or license. However, you may access the internet anonymously due to the VNP application.

Does USTVGO work without a VPN?

If you are physically in the US, you can stream USTVGO without a VPN. You need a VPN to access USTVGO outside the United States or on the road. Setting up your VPN to connect to a US-based server might be beneficial.

What channels are USTVGO equipped with?

Over 100 channels in various genres, including sports, entertainment, news, and kids’ programming, may be found on USTVGO.

Is this IPTV site cost-free?

Yes, all streaming devices can access this IPTV website for free.

No, it would be beneficial if utilizing USTVGO did not result in legal issues. According to the service’s website, viewing its content is legal. However, when you utilize a paid VPN subscription, your information and behavior are private.


USTV GO is the site to visit if you wish to watch live TV for free on more than 80 stations. The number of USTVGOs is significant. There are many TV choices, but only some can compete with USTV GO.

It’s a breeze to stream live TV and US cable channels with USTVGO. However, there are geographical limitations to the service. You’ll need a VPN you can believe in for continued access to the service outside of the US.

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